Long COVID Kids

Long COVID Kids

Long Covid Kids is a UK-based, International charity representing and supporting children and young people living with Long Covid and related illnesses and the parents and caregivers that look after them. We believe all children should be able to thrive and look forward to a positive future.

Recognition. Support. Recovery.



Key Impact

In October 2020 Long Covid Kids began connecting families caring for children struggling to recover from COVID-19 infection through their Support Services

As part of their first campaign, Long Covid Kids launched a short educational animation highlighting the long-lasting symptoms of COVID-19 on children and young people.

January 2021.  Long Covid Kids members gave evidence at the All Party Parliamentary Group Public Hearing on Children with Long Covid.

March 2021. Long Covid Kids publishes the results of their rapid data collection as a pre-print. It was published in Future Medicine in April 2022. “Clinical characteristics, activity levels and mental health problems in children with long coronavirus disease: a survey of 510 children”.

October 2021.  Long Covid Kids became the first UK-based, international charity for families and children living with Long Covid and related illnesses.  The charity focuses  on education, prevention, research, and support, and is recognised by the NHS, The Centre for Disease Control in the USA,  and is a recommended resource in the NICE Long Covid Guidelines and by the British Heart Foundation

April 2022.  The Team travelled to London with 12 children to deliver their new Guidebook , along with letters from the children, and charity. Their purpose was to ask the government in person, to recognise the impact of Long Covid on children and young people. Long Covid Kids call for equitable education and healthcare services for all children; a precautionary approach to prevention with the priority investment in indoor air quality in schools and provision for convalescent children.

September 2022. Long Covid Kids partnered with Long Covid Support to produce the first reinfection data of its kind: How do COVID-19 reinfections affect Long Covid in adults, children and young people.

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