Long COVID France


Since April 2020, thanks to the hashtag #ApresJ20, patients have gathered in France on social networks, especially on Twitter. Suffering from a long form of the disease, firstly unrecognized and not supported in France, they daily share their stories to alert and inform, to help and support each other.  

The goal of our apolitical, ethical and benevolent Association is to promote and help in the implementation of the 4 objectives set out in the speech of WHO of August 21, 2020, recognizing the #LongCovid disease : Recognition, Care, Communication and Research.

So, the #apresj20 Covid Long France association has been created the 6th of october 2020 at the request of long covid patients and doctors to unite and support patients with persistent Covid-19 symptoms, to inform about Long Covid and to collaborate with researchers and doctors. Our 4 priorities are : 

1)Recognition of Covid Long (adults, children) based on symptoms and not only on tests.
2)Multidisciplinary care in all territories.
3) Communication on Long Covid with the medical profession and the general public.
4) Research involving patients.

Other members of Long COVID Europe