Long COVID Belgium (Flanders)

post-COVID gemeenschap

In the Flemish part of Belgium, the Flemish patient association ‘post-COVID gemeenschap’, together with the Walloon counterpart, fights for the rights of the long-term Covid sufferers in Belgium.

Hearing Chamber

On Wednesday March 3, Ann Li and Anne-Sophie Spiette represented long-COVID patients in the Belgian Chamber.

Hear their strong narrative on the website.

Approval resolution

April 20, the day we can report that the Health Committee unanimously approved the proposal for a resolution. A few weeks later the parliament unanimous endorsed te resolution. The recognition of long covid in Belgium is a fact.

KCE, official Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

On this webpage, pending the publication of the final research report, the KCE will publish the most recent scientific insights of the ongoing study of patients with long-term COVID.

Other members of Long COVID Europe